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Moving forward, one foot at a time...

Finally starting to get back into the swing of things after vacation. Chris and I had a wonderful time playing tourist in Washington, DC, and then I had an incredible two-day glass class with Trey Cornette ( down at ABR Imagery in Bloomington, IN. I really shouldn't be allowed to take a two day class in a glass warehouse again. Came home with an empty wallet, a truck full of shinies and a brain full of new techniques. And then I immediately insisted that Chris build me some new tools, so I could play. Shiny new solid brass marver plate. Yay! I'm so glad that I have someone who can MAKE THINGS who is also entirely tolerant of my insistence that I need this new thing absolutely right now can you build me one please?!

I really need to get back into having some sort of a routine. I accomplished almost nothing yesterday, and then to make up for it, today I spent fourteen hours hunched over the torch, happily playing with borosilicate glass. Made some simple pendants, a few turtles, some dragons, and I've attempted something new in the way of a dragon claw holding a marble, just to fool around a bit. The dragon claw holding a marble is because at RenFaires, someone inevitably asks for one, and is disappointed when I say 'nope, but I have all this other cool handmade unique glass stuff!' "But no pewter dragon claws with marbles?" Now, I can say 'nope, but I have dragon claws entirely made out of glass!' You want onna them pewter ones, try Hobby Lobby.

Also, while I'm talking about new and improved glass things... my dragons have FEET! They're not the best feet in the world, but they're a start. Hopefully, they're enough to keep people from looking at my dragon pendants and exclaiming about how lovely the seahorses are. *cry* I spent about an hour experimenting with making claws out of clear glass on a clear rod, and then made a dragon with feet. Took a few pictures before I popped it into the kiln, and I'll admire him more closely tomorrow. The hardest part was deciding the right number of toes. I tried four, then three, and settled on two. It might look better with three, eventually, but at the moment, my toe-creation skills are only good enough for two. Keep in mind, please, that the entire foot is about half the size of a raisin. Bleah. I need to go take a nice hot shower, my neck muscles are all tensed up for some reason. Possibly that whole 'hunching over a torch trying to make miniscule feet out of molten glass' thing. Behold, the feet!

Tags: borosilicate glass, dragons, feet, pendants
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