maggscreations (maggscreations) wrote,

AaaaaaAAAaAaaah! The Market Approacheth!

So I'm frantically trying to get everything re-assembled for the Farmer's Market. I've had five months to get everything spread all over the house and garage, and I'm trying to find everything that I'll need for market tomorrow. On the plus side, it's not supposed to rain or snow or be brutally cold tomorrow, so regardless of whether I have everything completely ready tomorrow, at least I won't have to court hypothermia. In fact, tomorrow at 7am, when I'll be about ready to set up, it will be a whole, entire 38 degrees F! And it should be all the way up to 54 degrees by mid afternoon. With practically no wind. Yay! Practically balmy. I'm thinking that probably I'll wear my jeans tomorrow instead of my shorts, tho.

Hope to see everyone at Market tomorrow! I don't have an assigned spot this year, but I'll almost definitely be within sight of either the Veteran's Museum or TeddyWedgers up at the top of State Street.

Mom just called to say 'I know we were going to come tomorrow for a visit, but can we come tonight, instead, and stay for an extra day?' I assured her that this wouldn't be a problem, because the fact that they're coming early gives me an even more legitimate excuse for not having a clean house. 'Sorry, but since you came early, I couldn't do all of the cleaning I was planning to do after I got home from Farmer's Market'. Hee. They'll be getting in tonight around midnight. Mom said 'we'll just sneak in super quietly, so we don't wake you up.' I assured her that I'll definitely still be awake and packing for the market. Procrastinate? Me? Naaah, never.

Well, I can't put it off any longer, it's finally time to go sort the pendants. I've been making them all winter and just putting them into a big box, now I have to actually go put them into a nice shiny display, which really means that I have to try to remember how much I was going to charge for each item. I think pricing is about the hardest part of making and selling anything. I enjoy playing with fire and molten glass so much that it doesn't feel like work, and so it's hard to put a price on something that I'd do for free.
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