maggscreations (maggscreations) wrote,

First Market of the Season!

It was a wonderful Farmer's Market. A little chilly in the morning, but all in all, a wonderful day. Saw a lot of familiar faces, met some new people, and generally had fun. Also, every time I set up and tear down, I realize how much planning went into the booth setup. It takes me just over 20 minutes to set up with Chris's help, and if we're really hauling, at the end of the day, I can go from sitting in my cart and vending to having everything put away in the appropriate place and the cart hooked onto the back of the truck in nine minutes. We timed it one day, just because we were curious. Setting up at non-Farmer's Market shows takes a little longer, but not all that much.

It's also possible that I got a sunburn today. Most likely it's windburn, but it could have been sun. Saw a lot of bicyclists today, and it made me wonder... people who bike a lot often go around all the time with one pant leg rolled up so it doesn't get caught in the gears. Do they get a biker's tan on the bottom half of one leg like truckers get a trucker's tan on their left arm so that when they go to the beach, they look like they've had a leg transplant?
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