maggscreations (maggscreations) wrote,

Always read the fine print

Agh. Just bought a pdf tutorial online for making glass dragons, and since it was a bunch of pages of very nice color photos, I uploaded it to Office Depot to print it, because they're having a sale on color copies right now. Checked the box for full color, changed the paper from regular 20 lb recycled to a nice 24 lb bright, submitted the order, confirmed that I was happy with all of the options, clicked the box that said 'I have double checked all of my order options and am satisfied that everything is correct', paid for it, and got a confirmation email. Which I read, because I'm kinda ocd like that.

Color copies for 39 cents, check. 24lb bright letter - lunar blu. Chec... waiiiiiiiitaminit... Err... umm... okay, don't panic, it's got the sku number for the paper, I can look it up. Maybe 'lunar blu' is the brand name.

Nope. Lunar blu is exactly what it sounds like, a nice, shiny, bright blue color.

NooOoOoOoOoo! It is, of course, after their official store hours, so they're officially closed, but I dialed up, and on the fourteenth ring (yes, I was counting, waiting for voice mail to kick in so I could leave a message), someone actually picked up. He's going to leave a message for the guys in the printing department to call me before they print anything. Hopefully, they'll see the note, because otherwise, I'm going to have a shiny new 32 page full color tutorial printed on bright shiny blue paper. Guh. I have a feeling that the print shop guys are going to call me at 7:30 tomorrow morning. It should be fun. I don't generally attain coherency until after 9:30 am. For those of you rolling your eyes, I stay up until about 2 or 3am working (or messing about on the computer, either way, awake), and then I sleep until the shiny lightbulb of doom is fairly high in the sky. Or until the cats start jumping on my spleen because they want me to open the window shade so they can sprawl out in the sunbeams. Curse you, daystar.
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