maggscreations (maggscreations) wrote,

Dependent on the weather...

Well, I'm currently planning on going out to vend at Farmer's Market tomorrow. It should be pleasantly rainy, but hopefully not too windy. If it's windy, I'm not going. If it's pouring buckets, I'm not going. If it's merely cold and rainy, I'm going. Possibly this time I'll even get to power walk at least part way around the market and pick up some goodies, which I don't get to do on good days, because I feel guilty asking neighbors to watch the booth if it's a busy day.

The nice UPS guy brought me my brand new pair of boroscopes today, which are glassworking filters plus shade 3 welding glasses over the top. You really should have them if you're going to work a lot of borosilicate, because when it gets hot, is puts off a lot of nasty bright IR. What this means, of course, is that when Chris got home from work today, pretty much the first thing I asked him was 'honey... would it be possible to put a few hundred more watts of light out in my studio?' It seems kinda silly, to get darker glasses to block the bright lights of hot glass and then install brighter lightbulbs, but well, there it is. Appropriate eye protection is all well and good, but when your shades are so dark that your dragon's nostrils end up in an inappropriate place (don't ask), a bit more light might be in order.

Might have a new dragon pendant for show and tell tomorrow (depending on how his nostrils look by the light of day when I'm NOT wearing welding goggles). I'm working out a new design. Made one in clear yesterday, but it didn't survive the bounce test. The one I just stuck into the kiln tonight got a bit of a re-design that will hopefully do the trick. Off to bed, need to get up at the crack of dawn.
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