maggscreations (maggscreations) wrote,

Here be Dragons!

Farmer's Market yesterday was, indeed, a bit rainy, but all in all, not too bad. No wind, it wasn't bitterly cold, and the rain wasn't ever a downpour, just rain. Or drizzle. Mind you, I still prefer a 70 degree sunny day over what I had yesterday, but all in all, I'm glad I went out. Plus, I got to show off my new dragon. And I took a picture, even, although I got a few strange looks for getting out my camera, pointing it at my chest, and snapping pictures of myself. But there it is. If I'd waited until I got home, set up the photo dome and the lights and found a background and everything else, well... I'd still be waiting. So anyway...

Here be dragon! There will be more eventually, but here's one, anyway. And, by comparison, this is a dragon I made in June, 2008:

And these are a few I made last year:

It's kinda fun looking back at older stuff. I mean, I know my skills are improving -- with the amount of time I spend at the torch they pretty much HAVE to -- but it's a lot of fun for me to look back and see the changes over just two years. I love playing with molten glass. I should go dig up some of my very first beads. I have them in a little box somewhere.
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