maggscreations (maggscreations) wrote,

A demo-ing we go!

Tomorrow should be fun, I get to go demonstrate fire to the Madison Bead Society. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to make, I'm thinking of just doing one of everything unless they stop me. Hee. A simple bead, a critter, a focal bead, a seahorse, a blown vessel, maybe a marble... hey, I have two hours in which I'm supposed to entertain a roomful of people with molten glass and fire. I can make a lot of things in two hours. I really hope everyone there asks lots of questions, so I'm not just playing with fire and rambling about whatever comes into my head... me rambling can be a scarey thing. I do have some useful information up there in my brain, but it's mostly cleverly hidden behind the garbage mine of useless trivia I seem to collect during pretty much every waking moment.

Also, I'll get to show off and test out my brand new table surround. Thanks to Chris, who finished building it today (he even put on a coat of tung oil). It's all pretty and shiny and way more sturdy than my last one, that was just a few sheets of plexi with hinges riveted to the edges. The new one is still plexi, but now each panel is nicely framed in wood with pretty brass fittings. Keeps the crazies on the proper side of the table, so I can't contaminate the rest of society with my madness. Hee.

Come see the show! It's over at Meant to Bead in Sun Prairie tomorrow (well, later today actually), 6:30-ish until 8:30, or until everyone gets tired of listening to me blather about my favorite topic/obsession/career.

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