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Maggs Creations
Satisfy your Inner Magpie with Something Shiny
New pretties for the Janesville Renaissance Faire this weekend 
13th-May-2010 10:47 am
Spent a while out in the studio last night making new shinies for the Janesville Renaissance Faire that's going on this weekend. I had planned to make a bunch of dragons, but I got distracted making miniature goblets, instead. These stand between 2" and 3 1/2" tall, and are an absolute blast to make. I'm taking my torch setup, so I'll probably demo making one at the Faire this weekend.
Miniature glass goblets from Maggs Creations

Today's project is to make more dragon pendants. I spent most of a day making pattern bars that I'll work on turning into dragons (and seahorses) today. Now, I just need to work on turning these...
Pattern Bars for making dragon pendants by Maggs Creations
...into more of these...
Borosilicate Dragon Pendant by Maggs Creations Borosilicate Dragon Pendant by Maggs Creations

Hope to see everyone at the Faire!

p.s. I got a new light to take pictures with, and last time I was up at my folks' house, I found a great piece of nicely aged firewood... what do you think of the quality of the photos? Reasonably good? Background not too distracting? I'd love feedback.
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